Mechatro Associates ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.

Customer Services

Robot Mechanical Service
>> Robot Rental Service
>> Second Hand Robot Sales
>> Robot System Manufacturing
>> Robot System Drawing
Robot Technical Service
>> Robot Setup
>> Robot Teaching
>> Robot Maintenance
>> Robot 0ff-line Teaching
>> Robot Simulation
  Development of Robot System
  >> Simple Robot System of Teaching
  >> Robot Grinding and Polishing System
  >> Simple Chamfering System
  Development of Robot System instead of   Customers
  >> Development of a field welding robot
  >> Development of a Submerged Arc   Welding Robot
  Jig Service(Drawing Manufacturing)
  >> Jig for Automatic Retooling
  >> Jig for Reduction of Retooling Time
  >> Welding Jig
  >> Jig for Machining
  Joint Develpoment of Robot System
  >> The Combination of the 6-axis   Mechanical Sensor and a Robot
  >> Automatically create the path of a robot   by converting 3D data
  >> The charfering system by the 6-axis   mechnical sensor